Marcus Podcasting
Marcus Podcasting

I’m Marcus, Online Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad. Creating stuff online enables me to live the life of my dreams.

I’m traveling the world as a digital nomad while working location independent. Getting to know new people and cultures has always been über exciting for me. 

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Not only am I a passionate onliner but also a huge sports enthusiast. 

I regularly work out at the beach, hit the gym, practice the self-defense system Krav Maga and I’m also a rescue diver. 

In addition to sports, a well-balanced diet also plays a big role in my life. I’m a disciplined follower of a low carb diet.

Every day I learn tons of new stuff by meeting exciting people around me and my goal is to make my new-found knowledge available to even more people. 

The most important topics in my life are the digital nomad lifestyle, entrepreneurship, sports and a healthy diet. No wonder these are also the pillars of the podcast show LIFE HACKZ.

The LIFE HACKZ show first aired in 2015 and  
immediately went from 0 to 1 in the iTunes Charts.

Every podcast review helps that more people could find the show. Thx so much 🙏🏼

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I share my best Hackz for a fulfilled life on your own rules.

Together with my girlfriend Feli we started the global DNX Movement with the DNX  Digital Nomad Conference.

DNX changes lives and triggers the pursuit of a location-independent lifestyle.

Our vision is for more and more people to live their lives free and self-determined. EVERYONE can find their passion, live their dreams and work independently. We believe that getting to know other cultures enriches us personally and makes the world a better place.

Besides the DNX  Digital Nomad Conference we also organize the first international English-language  Digital Nomad Conference  DNX GLOBAL. In 2017 the first Spanish speaking DNX will happen in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We also organize Coliving and Coworking DNX CAMP in the most beautiful places of the world: 

Tarifa (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Jericoacoara (Brazil), Koh Lanta (Thailand) Lemnos (Greece), Dahab (Egypt), Costa Rica, Santa Cruz (USA), Bali (Indonesia), Marocco (Taghazout), Cabarete (Dominican Republic).

We bring together motivated online entrepreneurs from all over the world and spend 2 weeks living together in a villa, while co-working, working out together and motivating each other to live a healthy lifestyle. 

We also launched the first online job forum for location independent job seekers: DNX JOBS.


I’m using theSamson Meteor Mic in combination with Call Recorder for Skype and GarageBand . I am taping my interviews with Zencastr.